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Taste Dishes from Renowned Chefs at the Miami Seafood Restaurants

Chefs from the Best Seafood Restaurants in Miami, Amongst Them Captain Jim’s Own Head Chef Wilfred Charles prepared their famous Captain’s Shrimp & Grits for over 400 guests

When someone tells you that Miami loves their seafood, there shouldn’t be any room for doubt especially when they have a dedicated festival in its honor. Just a few weeks ago, the 13th annual Deering Seafood Festival was held in Miami, and what a turnout it had.

This year’s event was particularly exciting as the tickets sold out a day before the actual event. According to the president of the Deering Estate Foundation, Dave McDonald, this is actually the very first time in all the years they’ve been running the festival that they sold out a day prior.

The Fun Friend-Raiser

The concept of the Deering Seafood Festival is a unique one, having been dubbed as a “friend-raiser”. With Caribbean music, unending entertainment, and delectable seafood to keep everyone full and happy, it’s a surefire way to get everyone up and excited.

More than the revelries, however, the event actually had a more important agenda which is to help provide education to young students. The executive director of  the Deering Estate Foundation, Mary Pettit said, “We take great pride in helping to educate the future stewards of our planet.” They are particularly proud about how their K-12 programs serve as much as 17,000 kids annually, on top of the fact that they also have the largest homeschool program in the Miami-Dade County.

The Highlight of the Festival

Of course, it won’t be a complete seafood festival if there weren’t any seafood dishes or related activities in it. That is why, to the delight of the festival goers, top chefs from some of the best Miami seafood restaurants set up shop to showcase their skills and recipes.

From 11:45 a.m. to 5:15 p.m., the following chefs graced the event with their demonstrations under the big-top tent: Ocean Reef Club Executive Chef Damian Gilchrist, BRAVA by Brad Kilgore Executive Chef Jeff Maxfield, Pubbelly Sushi Executive Chef Jorge Mijangos, Biltmore Hotel Executive Chef David Hackett, Johnson & Wales University culinary competition winner Nicole McDonald. Meanwhile, Captain Jim’s Seafood was represented by and owner Jeffrey Ross.

It was a powerhouse cast, and the attendees had their fill of culinary delights. The successful friend-raising afternoon to benefit young students was the veritable icing on the cake. It’s events like this that effectively showcase what Miami truly has to offer when it comes to fun,food, and live entertainment.

If ever you do find yourself in Miami, know that some of the the best seafood restaurants in the country are in the area, such as Captain Jim’s Seafood.

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