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Four Health Benefits of Clams Served at the Best Restaurants in Miami

Four Healthy Reasons You Should Be Eating Clams at the Best Restaurants in Miami

Miami is a gorgeous city that has something to offer everyone, including its seafood, rated second to none. Many people who visit the sunny city clamor at the chance to sample the variety of clam dishes offered there. Whether it’s a delicious clam linguine, whole-belly fried clams, or clams casino, you can be sure to find some of the best tasting, titillating clams on the planet.

As if the flavor of this mollusk isn’t enough, following are four healthy reasons to eat this scrumptious seafood at Miami’s finest restaurants.

Low in Fat and High in Protein

That’s right! If you’re looking to lean up a bit and improve your physique, you’ll want to put clams on your plate whenever possible. Clams are considered a lean protein source. In fact, a 3-ounce serving of clams contains 11g (22% DV) of protein while containing only 1g (1% DV) of fat.

High in Iron

Iron is an essential mineral in preventing anemia, extreme fatigue, and all kinds of other blood disorders. An essential part of our body’s blood cells, iron helps transport oxygen from our lungs to the rest of our body.

The same 3-ounce serving that contains 11g of protein, as aforementioned, provides your body 24mg (133% DV) of iron. Along with the iron, 3 ounces of clams offers 18 mg (30% DV) of vitamin C, which can help the body absorb iron better.

One of the Best Sources of Vitamin B12

Clams rate as one of the best sources of vitamin B12 on the face of our planet. Three ounces of clams contain 42 mcg (700% DV) of this vitamin. Vitamin B12 is needed to make DNA, maintain the functions of our nerves, keep our red blood cells healthy, give us energy, reduce depression and stress, maintain a healthy digestive system, and much more.

Clams Are Good for Your Skin

While you’re hitting the beaches in Miami or just enjoying the sun, you’ll love the fact that clams are a skin-healthy food, adding some glow to your body. Not only does the vitamin B12 found in clams help maintain skin health by aiding cell reproduction, but the riboflavin (B2), high protein content, and omega-3 fatty acids found in clams also support the function and development of healthy skin, not to mention their benefits to your nails and hair.

If you want to enjoy some of the best clams on earth, while soaking up the sun, simply visit the best restaurants in Miami. They’re sure to surprise your taste buds and keep your health in excellent order. 

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