“Amazing food, amazing service!!!!”

Reviewed September 30, 2016

Stephen S – Rockville, Maryland

My girlfriend and I decided to stop in for a bite to eat, I cannot even begin to say enough about this place. I am blown away.

We were greeted at the door with a smiling face and seated right away.

We started off with the bay scallop appetizer, they were so flavorful and well worth the $9. My girlfriend ordered the whole hogfish which was beautifully plated. I myself ordered the fried snapper sandwich and it was so filling and flavorful I didn’t want it to be gone.

We are from orlando and I will definitely be telling everyone about this place! A MUST EAT in N. Miami. Great job

“Great seafood in a friendly casual environment”

Reviewed September 22, 2016

Stephen S – Rockville, Maryland

I keep coming back to Capt Jim’s. After a rather long hiatus, I returned last week for dinner. Wow… Redecorated, but familiar. Same friendly staff. They also have added dinner music which is a nice touch. Your dining experience starts with the complementary artificial crab salad served with crackers, hot French bread and butter. Yummy. You will want seconds, thirds…just sit back and enjoy, it’s great.

“Skip the lines at Joe’s Stone Crab and come here ”

Reviewed September 12, 2016

shayshay321 – Miami, Florida

Get the same or better quality stone crabs that Joe’s has for a quarter of the price. If you want an authentic Miami seafood experience, without the fluff, this is a solid bet.

Not fancy or in the nicest neighborhood- but the food and value is worth the trip. Captain Jim’s is where the real foodies and seafood lovers go to who don’t need all the pomp and circumstance come to. You can also feed a family of 4 for what a night at Joe’s will cost for one person.

You can also pick up seafood for home and parties.

My mouth waters just thinking of this place.

“Captain Jim’s is my absolute favorite spot in South Florida… ”

Reviewed November 23, 2016

Hashim A. – Houston, TX

Captain Jim’s is my absolute favorite spot in South Florida for seafood. I’ve been coming to Captain Jim’s for seafood ever since the late 90’s/early 2000’s, back when they were just a seafood market.

At this point, Captain Jim’s is an institution. Their seafood is fresh and the service is great. Whether you’re just picking up seafood to take home, or eating at the restaurant, they’ll take good care of you. The dining area gives off a divey vibe, but it’s enjoyable just the same. As far as seafood goes, you can’t go wrong at Captain Jim’s. I’ve never had a bad dish. They expanded ava tweaked their menu several times over the years, and still everything is exceptional. I love their blackening seasoning and my absolute top 3 options are the blackened snapper, grouper and shrimp. All fresh, all wild caught, all delicious.

“Still my favorite seafood restaurant and market after more that 15 years! ”

Reviewed November 27, 2016

Karen C. – Miami, FL

Still my favorite seafood restaurant and market after more that 15 years! New owner, updated decor but the same fresh great tasting food! The staff are all the same, still friendly, still courteous and still knowledgeable about all their regular customers!

Head over to Captain Jim’s, my favorites are the conch chowder, the shrimp and grits, the stuffed fish (no breadcrumbs here, stuffed with shrimps & scallops), shrimp marinara over linguine…it is all good…

“I visit Miami several times a year to spend time with my family…. ”

Reviewed September 10, 2016

Patty A. – Alexandria, VA

I visit Miami several times a year to spend time with my family. And like clockwork, *EVERY* trip I stop by Captain Jim’s to pick up dinner. As crazy as this sounds, sometimes I’m not sure if my family wants to see me, or the food (I’m not kidding).

Dinner from Captain Jim’s is a treat that brings joy to the entire household. The fresh fish counter has so much variety your head spins! We delight in the flavorful shrimp and grits, chunky crab salad and the lobster is *always* juicy. We are thrilled to catch the special of the day and absolutely crushed when we miss it.

Captain Jim’s is a cozy place, with an attentive staff and delicious food. Being an East Coast kid, I am thankful to have a local place to get the best seafood around. I hope you get a chance to stop by – and if you’re lucky maybe you can chat with the owner while you wait for your meal 🙂